Self Learning Packets

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Self Learning Packet Documents

Self Learning Packet Important Notes
  Abdominal Pain Updated 6/21/16
  Abdominal Pain PPT Updated 6/21/16
  Acute Pulmonary Edema
  Allergic Reaction Updated 10/21/2010
  Asthma COPD Updated 10/21/2010
  Behavioral/Phychiatric Updated 11/14/2010
  Burn Updated 4/25/2014
  Cardiac Arrest Updated 9/15/2009
  Chest Pain Updated 10/21/2010
  Dead On Scene - Do Not Resuscitate Updated 12/17
  Hyperthermia SLP Added 11/13
  Hyperthermia (PowerPoint presentation) Updated 5/8/2008
  Hyperthermia Test Updated 5/8/2008
  Hypothermia (PowerPoint presentation) Updated 2/14/2008
  Hypothermia Test Updated 2/14/2008
  Influenza Added 6/4/2012
  Motor Vehicle Crash Non-Injury
  Nausea and Vomiting Updated 6/21/16
  Nausea and Vomiting PPT
  Ondansetron Added 4/14/2009
  Overview (Standing Order)
  Pain Management
  Seizure SLP Updated 11/2013
  Sepsis SLP Updated 12/17
  Sepsis Answer Key
  Sexual Assault New 10/22/2012
  Snake Bite (PowerPoint presentation) 9.61MB Added 2/2008
  Snake Bite Updated 4/25/2013
  Stroke/TIA (PowerPoint presentation) Updated 11/19/2011
  Stroke/TIA Self Learning Module Added 2/17/2011
  Vaginal Bleeding