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I. Administrative Protocols

Protocol Date Updated
  Admin PDR Protocols
  AEN Reporting Form Updated 10/2018
  Air Medical Services, Emergency Use Updated 1/11/22
  Authority May 2023
  Base Hospital Assignment Updated 6/20/23
  Burn Triage Protocol 6/21/22
  Post Cardiac Arrest Triage Updated 10/18/23
  Communication Protocol updated 4/19/23
  Contiuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Updated 1/2019
  Critical Pediatric Triage Updated 10/2022
  Handoff Sheet Approved 4/19/23
  Multicasualty and Disaster Medical Management Updated 10/2019
  Divert Procedure Community-Wide Reviewed 2022
  Documentation Criteria
  High Risk OB Triage
  Infection Control for EMS Personnel Reviewed 2022
  Interfacility Transport Updated 4/16/24
  Non-Patient or Non-Injured Individual
  Regional Hospital Offload Protocol Approved 10/19/2022
  Physician on Scene Updated 4/19/23
  Prehospital Medical Care Directive Updated 10/2021
  Protocol/Standing Order Development and Review Updated 6/2023
  Receiving Facility Protocol Updated 4/19/23
  Restraint Protocol Updated 10/16/2019
  Search and Rescue updated 4/19/23
  Spinal Immobilization Updated 10/2021
  STEMI Triage Protocol Updated 10/18/23
  Stroke Triage Protocol Updated 2/2/24
  Trauma Triage Updated 4/19/23

II. Advanced Training (Permissive Skills)

Skill Date Updated